Hussain Sajwani – Established Leader and Business Owner

Hussain Sajwani hails as the creator, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of DAMAC Group. The leader is renowned for his statuesque stylish, one of a kind architecture in the Middle East. Mr. Sajwani is also known for his extraordinary marketing strategies. Taking luxury to next level experiences is the brilliant businessman’s forte. He started from meek beginnings. Being the son of two entrepreneur parents, the young Mr. Sajwani had an opportunity to experience business empowerment and nurturing. Displeased with some of the aspects of proprietorship, Hussain Sajwani pursued other choices early on. Eventually, the astute young leader identified a real estate opportunity and darted for it. This very opportunity opened the floodgates to the trailblazing real estate development empire, DAMAC Group which was open for business in 2002.


The DAMAC CEO’s current worth is hovering around $4 billion. Not bad for a once middle-class, conservative, hardworking, and focused individual. Hussain Sajwani is leading the Middle Eastern real estate development industry by herculean leaps. His business DAMAC Group was the first Middle Eastern development outfit to trade publicly on the London Stock Exchange as of 2013. Also in 2013, Mr. Sajwani revolutionized the leisure and golf community by collaborating with real estate titan Donald Trump on several occasions.


The duo created the Trump International Golf Club Dubai-an award-winning luxury site, as well as The Trump World Golf Course Dubai. Mr. Sajwani has been honored on multiple occasions for his exemplary leadership as well as for his design and architectural acumen. His company’s footprint has spanned across Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Kingdom. Mr. Sajwani creates intriguing spaces in some of the most exotic and entrancing places. The savvy entrepreneur no doubt enlisted some of the skills and teachings from early childhood in order to reach such heights of success. I imagine his father to be a great, profitable, and dedicated entrepreneur-as these are the same traits that embody the powerful Mr. Hussain Sajwani.

CEO of DAMAC Hussain Sajwani Wows Dubai With Excellence!

DAMAC Properties have expanded their luxurious AYKON Plaza design by adding a second tower to the inspiring 6 tower development project. The plan takes up a totality of 1.7 million square feet including 49 residential floors, a posh rooftop, and multiple entertainment levels. The illustrious builder prepares to develop mixed-use space inclusive of residences, offices, hotels, and serviced apartments. Both skyscrapers will sit over the gaping Dubai Canal, offering breathtaking waterway and cityscape views.

DAMAC Properties was created, and founded by Emeriti native Hussain Sajwani. Today, the firm stands as a top real estate developer and investor headquartered in Dubai. CEO of DAMAC Hussain Sajwani is re-known for his Middle Eastern exquisite, world-class architecture and for his successful business acumen. The forward-thinking leader has put forth momentous structures across the Middle East. CEO of DAMAC Hussain Sajwani delivers outstanding projects that are to be marveled and beheld. His well-built structures are strategically poised at the city’s gateways, fostering a sense of unmatched splendor and grandiosity.

Ironically, the meticulous entrepreneur hailed from the humblest of backgrounds.His Middle Eastern home was deemed to be middle-income and conservative, with hard-working parents. His early childhood season was mainly spent amidst business. Both, his mother and father led small ventures. His mother marketed and sold fabric and other household items, while his father ran a shop that sold imported watches and pens. Mr. Sajwani helped his father out on a continuous basis. Due to his father’s long work hours, the young man decided to take a different career path. He leaned toward a professional career, targeting the medical field. Ultimately, after giving it a solid attempt, Mr. Sajwani took a huge leap into the real estate market. His overall intent, even as a young man, was to make entrepreneurship work for him.

This particular career choice would prove to be an effective catalyst for doing so. CEO of DAMAC Hussain Sajwani was able to transfer philosophies, ethics, and workmanship from his early childhood over to his growing empire DAMAC Properties. CEO of DAMAC Hussain Sajwani continue to wow exotic cities with creativity!

Jed McCaleb says that Banking and Crypto-World will soon be Intertwined

A man who has been involved with innovations in the video game, blockchain, and internet industries has made a bold, yet likely prediction.


Jed McCaleb is the co-founder and CTO of He is an expert software developer and programmer. McCaleb is knowledge in the world of blockchain technology as well. This not only makes him a perfect match for a company like Stellar, but it means he is an authority on cryptocurrency.


McCaleb began his career as a software developer with an attempt to renovate the infrastructure behind downloading files. McCaleb created eDonkey, a decentralized hub for people to share their files. Although Napster was is considered by many to be the first p2p filesharing hub, eDonkey utilized decentralized technology that is still being used today.


Jed McCaleb then created the first worldwide bitcoin exchange: Mt. Gox. The platform was originally created to serve a particular video game community as a marketplace. It wasn’t long until Jed McCaleb switched his focus to bitcoin. McCaleb sold off Mt. Gox and eventually it was closed down.


Now as the CTO of Stellar Jed McCaleb is bringing cheaper options to financial institutions all over the world. Stellar is a blockchain company that works with-in the financial industry to bring financial options to parts of the world that have none. Stellar also works with companies in more developed parts of the world, but their primary target are those less fortunate. With Stellar companies all over the South Pacific have financial options that they previously did not.


Jed McCaleb recently spoke up about the future of cryptocurrency, banking, and blockchain technology. He believes that one day even stocks will be traded with crypto-cash. At the very least, banks of the future could use the public ledger software behind cryptocurrencies to make transactions faster and more secure.


“In the next 10 years,” McCaleb began. “I wouldn’t be surprised if all equity isn’t tokenized on some blockchain somewhere.” This includes common transactions and things like stocks and bonds.


According to Autonomous Next, the first 4 years of Stellar’s operations has resulted in 9 billion dollars worth of coins being sold.

The man behind the Habenero Shaker, Joel Friant

Joel Friant has a culinary fascination that has made him passionate about experimenting and coming up with exotic spices. This passion led him to the invention of the Habenero Shaker that was a great part of his Thai Fast food concept.


The idea of the Habenero Shaker came to him when he was in Jamaica with a friend and was introduced to the Habanero pepper. He realized that the stores only offered shakers with salt and other spices hence his invention. With the successful innovation of the product came the desire to share it with the world and America was the first place he had in mind. He began introducing the Habenero Shaker to big grocery stores in Washington DC.


While selling his Habenero Shaker, Joel was also playing an active role in the real estate industry. He dealt with the buying, renovation, foreclosure, and selling of properties. Joel became curious about the real estate mortgage market hence began his research in the sector. With all the knowledge he acquired, Joel Fraint opened his mortgage lending office.


In 2008, when the economic crisis hit, Joel was intrigued by the fact that some corporations were affected negatively while others came out more successful than ever. He began analyzing how all this was possible and in the process came up with the income thermostat concept which he used in his breakdown and made several publications on his findings.


Joel Friant was never satisfied with where he was in life; he continually sought to reach greater heights. For this reason, he invested in every new idea that intrigued him. He developed an interest in the online sales business. He sought lessons from Amazon and eBay that enabled him to learn how to sell his Habanero Shaker on these online sites. When he heard about the cryptocurrency industry, Joel did not lag behind, he learned about the industry and became an analyst.


Today, Joel Friant is an analyst of the blockchain technologies and offers tutorial services to investors who would like to invest in the technology. He has also not abandoned his Habenero Shaker brand as he continues to promote the brand actively. He also continues to explore the free market and opportunities for entrepreneurship and enjoys helping others succeed in their business endeavors as well.

AvaTrade Review: Scam or Real Deal?

AvaTrade is a multi-national company that has eleven sales offices with its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. The company was formed by a group of financial and web-commerce experts in 2006. Their primary goal was to improve the experience of the retail traders venturing into online businesses. In the beginning, it was known as AvaFX before it was renamed.

The mission of AvaTrade is to create an environment that people can invest in and trade on with full confidence and no insecurities. The company has a tremendous pace of expanding.It has managed to register 200,000 customers in few years. It makes a total of 2 million transactions which gives it a profit of $60 billion every month.

The company concentrates on offering buying and selling services for equities, ETFs, Bitcoin, market indices, bonds, and commodities. It has managed to outdo all the other companies in the industry of online trading due to its substantial knowledge in financial matters and ability to meet the users’ needs wants. It has a customer care desk that is available for 24 hours and many platforms that has created an excellent environment for all traders regardless of their level. It is regulated by the central bank of Ireland and other regulators. AvaTrade can meet all the requirements of its traders.

The main thing that people who conduct their businesses online worry about is whether the broker is legit or not. This is because of the many fake brokers that have entered the online market. With AvaTrade you do not have to worry about it has been in the business for over a decade and had licenses from Japan, EU, Australia, British Virgin Island and South Africa. It is also an authorized broker that complies with the requirements of its regulators. It has been awarded immensely marking it as a reliable and respected company. If it is your first time to be involved in an online business, you can trade on AvaTrade with a peace of mind.

Perks the Oxford Club and Investment U Offer to New Investors

Some new investors may not have the financial background that they need to do well in the stock market or in other investment opportunities. As a result of their limited knowledge in this industry, investing in the stock market and in other financial vehicles may be very risky business if they do not make the right decisions for their needs. To avoid these issues, one of the best things that a new investor can do is to find the financial resources needed to create a customized investment plan. With the vast amount of experience and expertise found in the Oxford Club network, new investors will have access to a huge amount of relevant information that is designed to protect and achieve significant amount os wealth. Knowing this, here are 2 awesome benefits to being trained by Investment U, the educational arm of the Oxford Club.


The Latest Information Supplied

Investment U has the latest information and they supply it to their members so that they can make informed decisions. Because the stock market and other financial instrument resources are always quickly changing, the information that is provided by Investment U can assist everyone with making the best-informed decisions possible. Having said this, new investors will also have access to information that is well researched by the best financial experts in the industry. Therefore, it is reliable enough to help new and seasoned investors to choose the right types of stocks for their personal portfolios.


Addresses Strategized Exit Plans

Using the latest information, Investment U will also train and update their members on how to use the appropriate strategies. One of which involves explaining when it is time to jump in on a good investment deal. The other of which helps to ensure an investor knows when to get out before the bottom begins to fall out. With their well-researched information supplied in daily newsletters, these professionals will also share the formula that they are using for their exit strategies. Simply put, the information to exit or to get out in time, is just as important to know as it is to when a good investment opportunity is presented to you.

Wireless Containment System helps crack down on contraband cellphones

The U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq may have been disastrous from many different perspectives. But there was one positive thing that came from them. Over the course of the conflicts, the increasingly urban nature of the battlefield meant that, even in the furthest reaches of the Middle East, cellular communications were prevalent as a means for the enemy to organize itself and direct its forces.


In response to this, the U.S. military developed a system that it called Stingray. The high-tech device was able to intercept all local cellular communications by tricking the devices in the area into thinking that it was a cellphone tower. This meant that all signals would be routed through the Stingray device, allowing the operator to either listen in to the calls or completely block them from making their way onto the cellular network.


It turned out that the American prison system was facing many of the same threats posed by cellphones that U.S. forces in the Middle East faced. Prison gangs were using these devices to direct members to carry out hits on rival gang members, complete major drug sales and even kill and intimidate witnesses in upcoming trials. Additionally, cellphones quickly became hot commodities within the nation’s many jails and prisons. A single cellphone could fetch as much as $300. It could then be resold for an even higher amount of money or it could be rented out, recouping the entire purchase price in as little as a couple of weeks.


The havoc that these contraband cellular phones and other devices wreaked can hardly be overstated. By the mid-2010s, contraband cellphones and other cellular devices had become epidemic within the U.S. prison system. They were posing an existential threat to the safety and integrity of the nation’s penal system. Something had to be done.


It was then that Securus Technologies, one of the largest providers of inmate communication and prison security services in the country, came up with an ingenious solution. Securus was able to devise a version of the Stingray system that had proven so useful on the battlefields of the Mideast in order to intercept all contraband cellular calls being placed from within the nation’s prisons.


The system was first deployed on a trial basis in 2016. It didn’t take long for prison administrators to realize that they had a winner on their hands. Institutions where the device was deployed saw a near total elimination of illegal cellphone calls. So effective was the device that the FCC actually banned it from operating in urban prison settings, fearing that the WCS would interfere with legitimate cellphones nearby.


Today, the Wireless Containment System has nearly full FCC approval. It is estimated to be deployed at nearly half of the nation’s carceral facilities by the end of this year.

Ian King Premier Cryptocurrency Analyst

Ian King has numerous years of experience in regards to trading the general stock market and has turned that experience into new and alternative ways of looking at the new cryptocurrency market that is developing with haste. Ian King is boldly pioneering new ways of evaluating cryptocurrency as a brand new asset which is definitely taking advantage of his role as a senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. Read This Article to learn more.

Ian King points out the intricacies of the current market assessing the actual cryptocurrency bubble and how it is related to the dot-com bubble in terms of the ways the market is reacting to the fluidity of this new asset. Ian King has also coined the term cryptocorn which delves into the massive growth of different altcoins that have recently hit the market to compete with the standard set of cryptocurrencies currently known by the masses of consumers.

Ian King has used his experience to develop investing products, give further insight on adept market insights to thousands, and has proven his professionalism with capitalizing on spreading his knowledge through his popular Crypto Profit Trader service.

Now that the cryptocurrency boom has hit the mainstream media numerous regular investors will have the chance to tap into the potential of this rapidly developing asset. Ian King being the foremost expert in regards to trading this asset and acknowledging the pit falls of investing in a modern financial system will help investors grow their portfolios with proper advice and guidance.

Many new investors will be able to tap into the potential of Ian King’s up to date cryptocurrency advice with his new trading course provided by Banyan Hill Publishing. Through this avenue Ian King will be able to provide hungry investors weekly notes, tips, and advice that will help bolster their portfolios and increase profitable trades. Read more on Talk Markets:

Paul Mampilly provides reader-centric publication to investors

Paul Mampilly is a prominent investor in the United States and one of the few experienced investors who is dedicated in helping the less knowledgeable learn what the industry entails. Mr. Mampilly is the founder of an investment newsletter known as the profits Unlimited. He founded the newsletter in 2016. Less than two years down the line, the publication has attracted a subscription of over 100,000 investors. Profits Unlimited is currently the fastest growing newsletter in the country. Paul Mampilly has created the newsletter in such a way that even people with basic knowledge about stock markets can navigate the industry with ease.

Profits Unlimited targets people who want to change their lives through profitable investment. He is offering them a chance to trade some of the most profitable opportunities in different companies. Profits Unlimited is giving people a chance to enter into stocks which are not just beneficial but those which are the biggest gainers. Paul Mampilly concentrates typically on small companies that have huge potential. To realize sectors which are likely to perform well, he uses a system he calls Goingupness to pick the best stocks. He normally chooses his stocks from a list of megatrends. Megatrends are the drivers of the economy. For instance, he has predicted the Internet of Thing trend. This is a field where he is going to look for trading opportunities going into the future.

Paul Mampilly believes in providing the readers of his newsletter with easy to implement information. The fact that one does not need any training in financial related courses to implement the things he has been recommending is an advantage that has even enabled his newsletter to reach a huge number of people across the country. Paul Mampilly understanding of the stock markets cannot be compared to other players in the sector. His ability to deliver information in a reader-centric method is impressive. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at cruncbase.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly’s origin is in India. He was motivated to join the financial industry by his father. His father had loaned some money to the government, and in return, he was paid back at an impressive rate for 30 years. His father made a fortune from the loan. Paul Mampilly was motivated to implement the same thing. He saw the financial industry as a lucrative opportunity that he could exploit. Fast forward today, he is among the best investors in the world. He owns also own two trading platforms. Read more:

Experiences behind Ted Bauman’s reliable Insights

Ted Bauman is an economist who has dedicated his life to helping people explore profitable opportunities. Also, he provides reliable advice to individuals and corporates that enables them to protect and strengthen their investments. Bauman does this mainly through The Bauman Letter and Alpha Stock Alert, publications. The former is under Banyan Hill while the latter is a standalone weekly stock trading service.

As an editor, he has contributed a wealth of information to the investment world. Bauman and the team of other highly experienced experts at Banyan Hill have helped many average Americans create and protect wealth. This has seen subscriptions hit a record 200,000.

He endeavors to write articles that people with average knowledge in economics can understand. Most readers say that his writing is direct and easy to comprehend. It is a characteristic only found in those with a profound passion for writing and economics. His work mainly revolves around assisting people and businesses alleviate issues of corporate greed and unwarranted government oversight. Besides, he discourages the use of emotions in making investment decisions. Instead, he uses algorithms, which are a vital element of rules-based investing. See This Page for additional info.

Someone would ask why Ted Bauman‘s publications have received high subscriptions. The story can be traced back to his educational background and career. Ted was born in the United States but went to South Africa for his university education. He pursued economics, history and political science, thus left university with multiple degrees. Ted had gone to South Africa at the height of the apartheid.

After its collapse, Ted was involved in various initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the people. He mainly worked in in the areas of housing and urban planning. He was also involved in multiple consultancies in finance. During this time, Ted was engaged by renowned entities such as the World Bank, the United Nations, and European financial entities. The assignments saw him travel to over 35 countries mostly in Asia and Africa. They provided him with an ample platform to understand how politics, economics, and cultural aspects influence investment.

Ted Bauman returned to the United States in 2008. His vast experience in the housing sector secured him a job as the Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. He served for about five years before venturing into full-time writing. Although he had not practiced in mainstream profit-making entities, he has proven to be an intellectually sharp and reliable adviser. He has cut out his niche in providing solutions to various financial challenges as well as recommending viable economic opportunities.

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