How To Manage Your Search Results

Online reputation management refers to the management of the results that people get when they search your name or brand over the various search engines. Besides, most of the activities carried out online start with a search. Therefore, you don’t want to risk a negative search appearing when you are searched. However, it should be noted that online reputation management entails more than just the attempts to bury bad articles. You need to keep your search results updated instead on of just trying to push negative articles to the bottom. Also, it goes beyond checking organic links that are produced by search engines. If you know just how important reputation management is and want to start working on it today, here is a hint of some of the things that you need to be doing.

Search Yourself

It is important that you find out the results that people get when they search your brand. This should go beyond the organic search results. Use an IP software to google yourself from various locations. Also use different devices to do the search. You may not that at different regions and using different devices, the results might not be the same. Also, if using google, be sure go to the news, images and shopping results pages.

Control The Results

You cannot control search engines, but you can definitely control your website and social media accounts. And, this do end up showing on search engines. Therefore, if you can control them, you can indirectly control search engines. Ensure that your website, pages and account are updated. The key here is to write great content, ensuring that it is well-researched, factual and helpful to your audience. Ensure that your content is readable and that it incorporates videos, images and other relevant graphics.

Influence Those You Don’t Control

You might not have any control over review sites, companies or blogs that mention. However, you can influence what they say about you. For example, if you find that they have made an outdated comment about your company, contact them and ask them to correct.