AvaTrade Review: Scam or Real Deal?

AvaTrade is a multi-national company that has eleven sales offices with its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. The company was formed by a group of financial and web-commerce experts in 2006. Their primary goal was to improve the experience of the retail traders venturing into online businesses. In the beginning, it was known as AvaFX before it was renamed.

The mission of AvaTrade is to create an environment that people can invest in and trade on with full confidence and no insecurities. The company has a tremendous pace of expanding.It has managed to register 200,000 customers in few years. It makes a total of 2 million transactions which gives it a profit of $60 billion every month.

The company concentrates on offering buying and selling services for equities, ETFs, Bitcoin, market indices, bonds, and commodities. It has managed to outdo all the other companies in the industry of online trading due to its substantial knowledge in financial matters and ability to meet the users’ needs wants. It has a customer care desk that is available for 24 hours and many platforms that has created an excellent environment for all traders regardless of their level. It is regulated by the central bank of Ireland and other regulators. AvaTrade can meet all the requirements of its traders.

The main thing that people who conduct their businesses online worry about is whether the broker is legit or not. This is because of the many fake brokers that have entered the online market. With AvaTrade you do not have to worry about it has been in the business for over a decade and had licenses from Japan, EU, Australia, British Virgin Island and South Africa. It is also an authorized broker that complies with the requirements of its regulators. It has been awarded immensely marking it as a reliable and respected company. If it is your first time to be involved in an online business, you can trade on AvaTrade with a peace of mind.

AvaTrade Review: Worth A Look, And Worth Your Investment

The world of Forex trading is competitive, with many different brokers all competing for the same business. This gives the new Forex trader an advantage when it comes to picking a competitive broker, but it can also be overwhelming with so much choice out there. A great company to start your research with however would be AvaTrade.

Trust, reliability, and service, are three of the most important characteristics an online Forex broker can have. You need to be able to trust them with your money, rely on the platform and services being available when you need them, and that there is help and resources available when you need questions answered. AvaTrade provides all three, and they do it very well.

AvaTrade is a Dublin, Ireland based company formed by a group of technologically savvy individuals and experienced financial professionals. Together they strove to create an online FOREX trading platform that offered top of the line abilities in terms of software and tools, a depth of resources that everyone from beginners to experts could take advantage of, and a customer service model based on building lasting relationships and trust.

Founded in 2006, AvaTrade is one of the foremost international Forex brokers out there. They have over 250 different trading platforms, and were one of the first brokers to allow digital currency trading in BitCoin. Their software is designed for new users through advanced experts, and offers all variety of order types and hedges.

Value is also important to a forex trader, you do not want high spreads and low leverage to eat into your potential gains. AvaTrade offers some of the best spread prices in the industry and significant leverage with only a $100 minimum deposit required to an open account.

In summary, AvaTrade is absolutely worth a look for the new or experienced forex investor. With a platform and company built on reliability, trust, tools, and great customer service, you can be confident that your money is safe and being utilized as much as possible.

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