The AIA’s Robert Ivy Extolls The Benefits Of Joining A Professional Organization

Having taken over the top leadership positions at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in February 2011, Robert Ivy recently extolled upon the benefits of joining a professional organization whatever industry you work in. They really help people get ahead in their careers in multiple beneficial ways and are well worth the time, money, and effort involved.

Robert Ivy started out with ticking off the educational resources you can access at professional organizations. Most take a lot of pride in providing as much information as they can to their members, including in-house research they conduct. Whether someone is just starting out in the workplace or are further advanced in their careers there is usually some educational opportunity available.

There is a reason that professional organizations have big annual conferences and that is bringing people together to learn and network. People can develop relationships with others in their professions whether its during an informal talk over coffee or in an education session.

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Robert Ivy says that being a member of a professional organization can help you get further in your career by collecting credentials. These give you credibility and show that you are committed to your career. They also show that you stay up with the latest developments and trends in your industry. Some also have a code of ethics, Like the AIA, which lets clients and hiring managers know that you have committed to being responsible in your work.

As both a writer and architect, Robert Ivy has always been interested in both lines of work and merging them together. He has both a bachelor of arts degree in English and a master’s degree in Architecture. After founding an architectural firm he started offering his services as a critic to architectural magazines and publication

It was the writing and architectural abilities of Robert Ivy that led to him being named as the editorial director and V.P. at McGraw-Hill. He is especially notable for leading Architectural Record into being the design industry’s leading magazine as its editor in chief. It was his high profile in the industry, his management capabilities, and advocacy for responsible human-centered design that led to him taking on the role of leading the AIA.

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Copa Star Hospital

Copa star hospital is located in the southern zone of RIO de Janeiro Figueiredo Magalhães Street. The Copa star offers qualified service, sophisticated technology comfort, and luxury. The resemblance of the architectural design, decorations is that of a five-star hotel thus combining luxury and state of the art medical care technology. This concept was conceived by Rede D’Or São Luiz who doesn’t shy away from implementing these kinds of designs on any ventures.

Investment on this kind of facility exceeded $400 million and was started in 2013. Its founder member and current president of Rede D’Or São Luiz, Jorge Moll – cardiologist remarked that the hospital concept was an alternative for Rio / Sao Paulo residents.

The stellar units have a diagnostic Park and Nine hi-tech operating rooms, the hospital also has and 150 beds capacity out of which consists 45 from ICU and 105 apartments. Also, there are currently 550 employees out of whom 113 are doctors.

The facility has a smart hospitality system that gives patients a level of autonomy, and with 21 thousand square meters and seven floors, there is plenty of room for Copa star hospital comfort, space, luxury, technological innovation and refinement which is way more than what is experienced in other hospitals. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.


The hospital has highly competent surgeons that conduct complex operations using the latest technology and techniques. The Copa star combines comfortable hotel accommodation with professional staff to aid in recovery. Thus they combine social acceptance, technology, and recognition. This type of service is personalized and to some extent customized private service.


Copa star has various changes among them an area for the flow of stretchers and health professionals. The air and serenity in the building corridors are sober and welcoming. For this kind of innovation, they relied on 231 kinetic works of arts by Japanese painter Yutaka Toyota and by enhancing internal aromatization project.


The hospital smooth operability and integration could only be improved and actualized by training and running simulations. The hospital team was given a two months tests and different variety of simulations. The planning was meticulous and involved actors who were involved in interpreting possible emergency situations. All professionals have been trained on what clothes and makeup to use and how to approach patients, relatives, medical assistants and they use international based standards.


The Copa star has the most modern medical equipment like the original operating rooms, neurosurgery rooms, and hybrid rooms with integrated magnetic resonance equipment, telemedicine, and robotic medicine.

To be accepted or treated at Copa star hospital you have to be a star. They not only allow private citizens who can pay cash services but also those with premium health insurance cover. Visit their profile page on Facebook