Marketing Professional Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is a leading marketing professional in the online marketing industry. He is currently one of the online partners of a company called Managed Benefits. The company used to be known as Quick Link Marketing. When the company first started out it was an entity specializing in providing marketing leads. While working at this firm, Iyer has spent his time specializing in important roles such as client relations, technical development and also marketing online. As a marketing professional, Krishen has been able to help Managed Benefits become a leader of providing quality marketing solutions to various types of clients.


When starting up the company Managed Benefits Services, Krishen Iyer came up with the idea of connecting companies with other marketing firms that offer lead generation services. This would help various companies get the source of leads they needed in order to grow their businesses. Since a number of businesses had difficulty finding lead generation companies, Iyer saw a need and a market niche that could be filled. As a result, he came up with the idea of being a middleman in providing companies with access to lead generation sources.


During each day, Krishen Iyer looks to accomplish certain tasks by adopting a schedule. At the beginning of each day, Krishen spends his time interacting with clients to find out about their needs and what they are looking to accomplish. After discussions with clients at the beginning of the day, Krishen will then participate in tasks such as technical development as well as overseeing internet marketing campaigns.


Krishen Iyer has said that his keys to success have been communication and inquisitiveness. He had mentioned that communicating with clients and lead generation companies has allowed him to get important information for providing quality service. Iyer has also said that being inquisitive has enabled him to get numerous perspectives to help him make better decisions with his business operations.


Krishen Iyer – Partner at Quick Link Marketing online


Issues Brought Out after the Rocketship Education Critique

The National Public Radio (NPR) recent commentary that critiqued Rocketship Education, a public charter school located out of California has got many people talking. Many people have been sharing their views on the story on Facebook and Twitter among other communication platforms. There is a certain group of people who have admired and defended the critique while others have immensely supported the school administration and its undertakings.

Those who defended Rocketship said the about 4000-words story lacked balance and scope in its coverage. In addition, those supporting Rocketship chain of schools felt that the NPR story didn’t paint a complete and justified picture of the institution. Many suggest that the story focused on the challenges faced by the institution without robust supporting facts.

Richard Whitmire, a journalist and Rocketship writer suggests that NPR should not have compared Rocketship Education with neighboring institutions. Many supporters felt that the story depended on problems experienced at the network and these issues are also experienced in other charter schools in the nation.

The NPR piece looked at issues such as how students use technology, how classrooms are managed as well as how work is allocated. Unfortunately, these are challenges Rocketship Education and many other schools across the nation whether public or charter face.

In the NPR piece, it painted a punitive picture of Rocketship’s classroom management undertakings where the school allows children to have bathroom breaks. Those against the piece felt that the “silent break” as well as the bathroom break was paramount as each learning institution has varied culture, routines and ways to maintain student discipline.

The classroom management approaches used by Rocketship are also present in other public and charter schools nationwide. Many back their ideas saying that when classroom management become overly confrontational, it can send hidden messages to learners. Hence, it is better to find the right balance when it comes to classroom management.

On the time spent on technology, NPR piece said that students spend 80 minutes on computers and sometimes on a single program. Rocketship Education management defended itself saying that student spent that time on varied programs essential at their academic levels. Those supporting Rocketship felt that this is an issue affecting many institutions and it’s upon each school to adapt to the better use of technology and have the best-qualified teachers to aid its learners.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education also known as Rocketship Public Schools is a non-profit charter institution founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2006. It was widely recognized for being an innovative alternative institution for low-income students. It has grown over the years and today there are numerous networks of schools operating in Milwaukee, Nashville, and Washington.