Talkspace Ideal Platform for Online Counseling

Research shows that break up of a friendship can be as painful as the breakup in a romantic relationship, especially when the friendship has been for a long time. When you lose a friend, it is hard to deal with life regularly, at least for sometime before you start to move on. The feeling of loss turns to grief and with time, if left unchecked, it can lead to depression and even anxiety.

There would be a void that needs to be filled, and the person starts to feel confused and grieve, in some cases, even uncontrollably. Many people depend on their close friends to be able to make essential decisions about their life and spend quality time from time to time. It is what helps in keeping emotions and life in check, but the loss of a friend with whom you have shared perfect time and companionship in the past can lead to emotional grief.

Talkspace is a popular online therapy app that has made therapy available to all. It is an online platform using which an individual can speak to an online therapist via text messages or video call. Last year, the company secured a funding of $31 million and was looking to expand their business by adding more therapists and to reaching out to more people than what they have done in the past years. The company has matched thousands of people with mental disorders with specialized therapists.

If you have lost a friend or suffering due to the breakup of friendship and wanted to consult a psychologist, Talkspace is an ideal platform to make it happen without spending a lot. The therapists available on Talkspace are licensed and trained to provide you with clinical therapeutic counseling that would help you deal with your grief and symptoms of depression so that you move on with life and feel positive.

Igor Cornelsen of Brazil Remains Impartial

Born in 1947 in Curitiba, Brazil, Igor Cornelsen went on to become the CEO of Multibanco, a bank in Brazil. He utilized his experience as a man with an engineering background and finance degree to help systematize and automate the finance world in an age where calculators as complex as we have today did not exist. Igor started out at Multibanco in 1976, and after being the CEO and being a board member, he later went on to Unibanco. Unibanco was the largest bank in Brazil at the time, and Igor was excited to take a role in the big city of Rio De Janeiro. Read this article at about Igor Cornelsen

After Unibanco got bought out by Bank of America in 1985, Igor Cornelsen took the opportunity to work at Libra Bank; but when a position opened up at Standard Chartered bank, which is headquartered in Singapore, Igor jumped at the opportunity. It was founded when the British colonized and expanded their empire Eastward, and it’s still today remains one of the best banks in Singapore. It is perhaps because of this reverence for Standard Chartered that Igor Cornelsen decided to stay with them for a solid seven years before starting his own investment firm and leaving Standard Chartered.

After all the years of experience that Igor Cornelsen has built up, his main advice is to simply listen to the facts and the news rather than the opinions of others. For example, there was one time when Russia defaulted on its debt and none of his friends thought that Russia would pay back the debt. As it turned out, Igor was right and Russia it did pay back its debt or attempt to, and so Igor was handsomely rewarded while his friends lost money. So in the end, Igor is a great investor with knowledge and impartiality who sticks to the facts and loves reading the news from Reuters.