Hooray for Real Estate Moguls, Boraie Development!

Boraie Development is an elite Real Estate company out of New Brunswick, New Jersey. The company focuses on a variety of services within the real estate industry such as Sales/Marketing, Real Estate development and property management. Their main objective is to provide beautiful high-end property options along with incredible, consistent customer service. Strong leadership is the root of this great company. Each member of Boraie Development team exemplifies excellence. Boraie Development also using their own capital which displays unveiling dedication as well as manages all of their properties. Boraie Development highly believes in the quality of its clients and delivering quality services. With over 30 years of exceptional hard work, Boraie Development has proven to be a frequent sought after company to work with.  Check out statetheatrenj.org



Omar Boraie, is the trailblazing, hard-working visionary of Boraie Development LLC. From his humble beginning of being a traveling scholar of chemistry from Egypt, Omar had a dream to help re-establish New Brunswick in the real estate industry in 1972. Back then he had so many doubters but Mr. Boraie saw a vision to create something special. After purchasing 21 vacant buildings on a block, Mr. Boraie then posed a business plan to the city which they thought he was crazy for having such an idea. However, building the Plaza Tower One on Albany Street brought so much money into the city of New Brunswick. So by the second idea of a 25 story residential and office space building was created and sold out in two months he made believers out of nonbelievers. But Mr. Boraie does not take full credit for such a huge contribution to the community, he humbly gives credit to many others for assisting and helping to be a part of the rebuilding of New Brunswick. Check out NJ Biz to see more.


After decades of much success, Mr. Boraie is currently interested in attracting more innovative technology and science facilities with hopes to attract more business towards Rutgers. In more recent times, Rutgers University students did not have enough facilities to house it’s enrollment so many moved in the surrounding facilities and neighborhoods. Mr. Boraie was a significant contributor to give me more options to residents and tourists by him purchasing neglected property along Albany Street. He allowed residents to obtain more city options in real estate and helped facilitate more revenue to the growing downtown population of New Brunswick. Making new grand work New Jersey a re-established epicenter improving the economy.



Click here: http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/atlanticcitystory/project-brings-market-rate-housing-back-to-atlantic-city/article_83012371-b555-5f8e-9226-89a42625df0d.html


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