The man behind the Habenero Shaker, Joel Friant

Joel Friant has a culinary fascination that has made him passionate about experimenting and coming up with exotic spices. This passion led him to the invention of the Habenero Shaker that was a great part of his Thai Fast food concept.


The idea of the Habenero Shaker came to him when he was in Jamaica with a friend and was introduced to the Habanero pepper. He realized that the stores only offered shakers with salt and other spices hence his invention. With the successful innovation of the product came the desire to share it with the world and America was the first place he had in mind. He began introducing the Habenero Shaker to big grocery stores in Washington DC.


While selling his Habenero Shaker, Joel was also playing an active role in the real estate industry. He dealt with the buying, renovation, foreclosure, and selling of properties. Joel became curious about the real estate mortgage market hence began his research in the sector. With all the knowledge he acquired, Joel Fraint opened his mortgage lending office.


In 2008, when the economic crisis hit, Joel was intrigued by the fact that some corporations were affected negatively while others came out more successful than ever. He began analyzing how all this was possible and in the process came up with the income thermostat concept which he used in his breakdown and made several publications on his findings.


Joel Friant was never satisfied with where he was in life; he continually sought to reach greater heights. For this reason, he invested in every new idea that intrigued him. He developed an interest in the online sales business. He sought lessons from Amazon and eBay that enabled him to learn how to sell his Habanero Shaker on these online sites. When he heard about the cryptocurrency industry, Joel did not lag behind, he learned about the industry and became an analyst.


Today, Joel Friant is an analyst of the blockchain technologies and offers tutorial services to investors who would like to invest in the technology. He has also not abandoned his Habenero Shaker brand as he continues to promote the brand actively. He also continues to explore the free market and opportunities for entrepreneurship and enjoys helping others succeed in their business endeavors as well.

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