Jed McCaleb says that Banking and Crypto-World will soon be Intertwined

A man who has been involved with innovations in the video game, blockchain, and internet industries has made a bold, yet likely prediction.


Jed McCaleb is the co-founder and CTO of He is an expert software developer and programmer. McCaleb is knowledge in the world of blockchain technology as well. This not only makes him a perfect match for a company like Stellar, but it means he is an authority on cryptocurrency.


McCaleb began his career as a software developer with an attempt to renovate the infrastructure behind downloading files. McCaleb created eDonkey, a decentralized hub for people to share their files. Although Napster was is considered by many to be the first p2p filesharing hub, eDonkey utilized decentralized technology that is still being used today.


Jed McCaleb then created the first worldwide bitcoin exchange: Mt. Gox. The platform was originally created to serve a particular video game community as a marketplace. It wasn’t long until Jed McCaleb switched his focus to bitcoin. McCaleb sold off Mt. Gox and eventually it was closed down.


Now as the CTO of Stellar Jed McCaleb is bringing cheaper options to financial institutions all over the world. Stellar is a blockchain company that works with-in the financial industry to bring financial options to parts of the world that have none. Stellar also works with companies in more developed parts of the world, but their primary target are those less fortunate. With Stellar companies all over the South Pacific have financial options that they previously did not.


Jed McCaleb recently spoke up about the future of cryptocurrency, banking, and blockchain technology. He believes that one day even stocks will be traded with crypto-cash. At the very least, banks of the future could use the public ledger software behind cryptocurrencies to make transactions faster and more secure.


“In the next 10 years,” McCaleb began. “I wouldn’t be surprised if all equity isn’t tokenized on some blockchain somewhere.” This includes common transactions and things like stocks and bonds.


According to Autonomous Next, the first 4 years of Stellar’s operations has resulted in 9 billion dollars worth of coins being sold.

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