Hussain Sajwani Continues Real Estate Career

The city of Dubai has had one of the most vibrant overall economies and real estate markets over the past 20 years. In this time period the city has grown from being a small city in the desert to now being full of enormous and impressive structures that provide plenty of comfort and luxury. While there have been many different people that have been involved in the Dubai real estate market, one individual that has continued to be heavily invested is Hussain Sajwani.


Hussain Sajwani is very well known for being one of the owners of DAMAC, which is one of the largest real estate development firms in the city of Dubai and the entire world. As the owner of DAMAC, he has been very involved in finding new projects, providing the capital necessary to build a project, and ultimately overseeing the management of the asset to ensure it continues to perform well and retain its value.


Ever since he has been the DAMAC owner, Sajwani has been one of the top developers in the world. He formed the company 15 years ago and has focused heavily on capitalizing on the amazing market in Dubai. Most recently, he developed a new luxury apartment building that is located in the Business Bay area of Dubai. This new project provides people with immediate access to a lot of different local amenities including shopping, dining, and nightlife. The property is also well known for having a lot of luxurious interior features and plenty of comfort.


While he has been very heavily involved with his real estate development firm, he has also been an active participant in politics and other issues impacting the world. Hussain Sajwani ended up receiving his education in the United States before moving to the Middle East after graduating from college. Having this exposure to a lot of different people and areas of the world has helped to develop an interest in a variety of different global issues. He has donated heavily to a variety of different political funds and campaigns as well as some different charities both locally and globally.


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