Securus Technologies, New Innovation for Increased Safety

Securus Technologies is a company that’s been making great advances, lately. Being a leader in correctional facility management, the company has been around for well over 30 years. Securus is best known for providing phone service at a reasonable price; a blessing for inmates and their families. Other services they provide are video visitation, voicemail, messaging, commissary, and financial services. To stay at the top, the company has acquired numerous other businesses throughout the years. Among the most recent acquisitions are JPay and GovPayNet. These companies specialize in financial services, such as funding inmate accounts, wire transfers and payment processing for government entities.


JPay is in the process of introducing new technology that’s making these institutions safer. Wireless containment systems are being tested on a small scale at this time. Florida is a pilot state for these systems. WCS makes it impossible to make calls and send messages from contraband wireless devices. These devices are brought into the facilities by visiting friends and family, and even drones. These miniature cell towers intervene by dropping calls and messages being sent. It’s estimated that the number of calls that have been intercepted is in the billions. Given the magnitude of the problem, many consider this effort to be a top priority in the business.


One may wonder why this technology is so important. Robert Johnson, a retired corrections officer, is passionate about the project. He was shot over six times by a former inmate seeking retaliation for an intercepted package valued at $50,000. An infant lost its life due to the same issue. With the problem so out of control, Johnson is even lobbying to have legislation passed to make it mandatory equipment in all facilities.


Securus Technologies takes its customer’s satisfaction seriously. The Better Business Bureau accredited the company and gave it an “A+” rating. Being able to please over 95 percent of customers and resolve most concerns on just one call, gives Securus Technologies serious credibility in its field. Affordable services and many different options are pleasing to both facility and outside customers alike. Securus Technologies is staying on top of its game by constantly evolving. It’ll be interesting to see what they’ll bring to the table next.


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