Jeff Yastine: Use Regtech to Avoid Huge Expenses in an Organization

Governments have great powers in a country. These institutions control most of the operations that are taking place in any nation. Without a government, it is impossible to have successful business ventures. Jeff Yastine, a finance executive who understands how most governments operate in the modern times, says that there are many regulations that can be introduced by governments to businesses. When a certain business in a nation has been regulated, the business owners should understand the reasons behind the new laws. The results of the regulations have many impacts in a business, especially in the recent times.  More info about Jeff Yastine at

When governments introduce their regulations, companies take measures to comply. Some of them choose to hire compliance officers so that the whole process can be smooth and without many difficulties. There are companies that will establish a whole department to work on the laws that a company has brought. Only large companies will take these measures because they require a lot of expenses. The new staffs employed by companies are forced to take very long hours studying the rules that have been brought by the companies.

In his career in the finance career, Jeff Yastine has watched as investors complained about the impact of government regulations on their businesses. There are people who will choose to pull out their resources in a company that has been given new regulations. With the increasing company expenses, the companies affected spent a lot of money on new departments, employee training and hiring compliance officers. Companies have realized that they are making losses because of these compliance expenses.

Jeff Yastine has been working as an editor for one of the top publishers in the United States. In his successful career position, the businessman has watched as several organizations made a change for the better. With the emergence of the modern technology, there are few organizations that are able to earn profits in an environment where the companies have decided to embrace tough government regulations. Jeff Yastine has been a key figure in the introduction of these technologies. According to him, the new technology, known as Regtech will be the most ideal way of dealing with the government rules. The businessman believes that this methodology will save the parties a lot of headache and money. Apart from being easy to install in the company systems, these programs are easy to use in an organization, meaning that the company will not have to hire people to train the company employees. Read more on Talk Markets :


Logan Stout Helps People To Be As Healthy As Possible Through His Company IDLife

Logan Stout is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, best-selling author, experienced speaker, and the CEO and founder of IDLife. He has a great business track record and has managed to make lots of money throughout his career.

Logan is passionate about health and wellness and has partnered up with many big names in the sports industry to promote his company, IDLife. The company helps people to get healthier by offering them specific kinds of supplements that are formulated to help with their unique health needs. IDLife was selected as one of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies around the globe, and Logan plans to continue to pursue his passion of helping people to be as healthy as possible.

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When Logan Stout was asked where the idea for IDLife came from, he answered that after doing an interview on Fox business News, he was approached by Zig Ziglar’s personal doctor. The two of them met, and Logan discovered that the doctor had been working on a specialized vitamin program that left out many of the kinds of ingredients that people were not wanting in their supplements. In the end, Logan was able to work out a deal and acquire the asset and add it to his company, IDLife.
Logan Stout starts out many of his days by waking up and drinking one of his IDLife Shakes. He also takes vitamins and then consumes an energy drink to give him an early boost. After reading the morning paper, he finds it relaxing to read his bible as well something in the personal development area. He then gets his kids ready for school, gets his exercise in, and then works in his home office where he can concentrate. Eventually, he makes his way to the IDLife’s offices and partakes in meetings before returning home and spending some quality time with his family.
Logan Stout lives in Frisco, Texas with his wife, Haley, and their two sons. He has been featured and interviewed on a spread of different media outlets, and some of these include CBS Radio, FOX, Philadelphia Life Magazine, The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News, and The Ticket. He is also a philanthropist.

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Securus Technologies, New Innovation for Increased Safety

Securus Technologies is a company that’s been making great advances, lately. Being a leader in correctional facility management, the company has been around for well over 30 years. Securus is best known for providing phone service at a reasonable price; a blessing for inmates and their families. Other services they provide are video visitation, voicemail, messaging, commissary, and financial services. To stay at the top, the company has acquired numerous other businesses throughout the years. Among the most recent acquisitions are JPay and GovPayNet. These companies specialize in financial services, such as funding inmate accounts, wire transfers and payment processing for government entities.


JPay is in the process of introducing new technology that’s making these institutions safer. Wireless containment systems are being tested on a small scale at this time. Florida is a pilot state for these systems. WCS makes it impossible to make calls and send messages from contraband wireless devices. These devices are brought into the facilities by visiting friends and family, and even drones. These miniature cell towers intervene by dropping calls and messages being sent. It’s estimated that the number of calls that have been intercepted is in the billions. Given the magnitude of the problem, many consider this effort to be a top priority in the business.


One may wonder why this technology is so important. Robert Johnson, a retired corrections officer, is passionate about the project. He was shot over six times by a former inmate seeking retaliation for an intercepted package valued at $50,000. An infant lost its life due to the same issue. With the problem so out of control, Johnson is even lobbying to have legislation passed to make it mandatory equipment in all facilities.


Securus Technologies takes its customer’s satisfaction seriously. The Better Business Bureau accredited the company and gave it an “A+” rating. Being able to please over 95 percent of customers and resolve most concerns on just one call, gives Securus Technologies serious credibility in its field. Affordable services and many different options are pleasing to both facility and outside customers alike. Securus Technologies is staying on top of its game by constantly evolving. It’ll be interesting to see what they’ll bring to the table next.


Ted Bauman Works to Stay Abreast of the World’s Economic Climate

Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C. and raised on the eastern shore of Maryland, but spent the majority of his career in South Africa, where he emigrated as a young man, garnering postgraduate degrees in Economics and History. Working in the nonprofit housing sector, Ted Bauman served in an executive capacity, predominately as a fund manager, helping to create better housing conditions in developing urban areas. As a consultant and expert on finance, Mr. Bauman spent an extensive period of time writing on the issues concerning economic, as well as housing conditions throughout South Africa, garnering a client portfolio that consisted of a myriad of reputable organizations including the World Bank and the United Nations. In 2008, after returning to the United States, Mr. Bauman began working for Habitat for Humanity, where he stayed until joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. Today he works from his home in Atlanta, GA, covering issues concerning asset protection, low-risk investments, and international migration.

Every day, Ted Bauman begins his workday immediately after taking his daughter to school. The fact that he works from his home office allows him to avoid the rigors associated with the daily commute in Atlanta, giving him the full advantage of the morning, which he considers to be the most productive time of the day for him. Taking on the most difficult tasks first, Mr. Bauaman stays busy until about 5:00 pm each day, giving him time to research the latest issues that will affect his audience the most. He tends to utilize a number of news outlets, both mainstream and obscure, giving him up-to-the-minute information. This is imperative, as his audience often depends on the information relayed in his columns to make sound financial decisions, so it is his responsibility to take advantage of his considerable narrative abilities to ensure that mundane topics pop off the page, sparking the interest of his readers. Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg

As a writer who covers a myriad of topic regarding economic and financial solutions, Mr. Bauman must stay abreast of the constantly changing economic climate of the world. In doing so, he has recognized a growing trend amongst his readers that has him really excited about the future. Many people are beginning to question the practices of corporate entities regarding the sacrifices that they, the people have to make. A number of inconsistencies have begun coming to the light, and as his audience begins calling them out, they are also seeking new solutions for the problems that have long halted economic progress. View: