Why Is WEN By Chaz Special?

WEN Cleansing Conditioner, created by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean, is a unique 5-in-one product that works as a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. WEN cleanses hair without stripping natural oils and leaves hair clean, moisturized and manageable.

WEN works for all hair types. Its unique formula moisturizes and smoothes frizz, tames unruly curls, adds body to limp hair, and provides much-needed moisture to over-processed and color-treated hair. These wonderful results have made WEN a popular choice among the Hollywood celebrities who entrust their hair to Chaz Dean.

Chaz Dean has created other products that work together with WEN Cleansing Conditioner to make cleansing and styling easier, with greater results. WEN Nourishing Mousse, WEN Anti-Frizz Styling Creme, and WEN Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment were all created to support and enhance the effects of WEN Cleansing Conditioner.

Because WEN Cleansing Conditioner contains no sulfates, it does not lather. This makes the experience of cleansing your hair with WEN different than cleansing with any other product. A generous quantity of product is applied to wet hair and scalp. It is massaged into hair and scalp and left to sit for several minutes. When it is thoroughly rinsed, impurities are rinsed away and what’s left behind is luxurious, moisturized hair.

While WEN Hair doesn’t contain harsh sulfates, it does contain natural botanicals, herbs and extracts, so using WEN is safe and gentle. It is formulated to add moisture, body and luster without removing valuable oils that provide strength and protection. WEN also helps color-treated hair retain that color longer than traditionally cleansed hair. Additionally, hair that has been cleansed and styled with WEN products is more manageable, shinier, and easier to style.

Tips and Tricks To Make Party Planning Hassle-Free

Looking to plan an awesome party, but do not know where to start? This can be daunting if it is your first go around at it. Here are some simple, yet effective tips to plan your next party without all the stress.


Keep everything as simple as possible. This will go a long way when you are in the process of getting everything together. Get out a paper and pen and write your to do lists. Staying organized throughout the whole process will save you time and your sanity. Keep decor and food simple. Just because it is simple, does not mean it’s bad. Keep it elegant and quality. Some of the best things in life are simple. Stay cool and collected when guests arrive. You as the host set the tone for the party. If you are freaking out your guests will definitely feel it and not want to be there. Don’t forget to send them away with party favors. It is a gesture that will thank guests for coming. Who doesn’t like a party favor? Is your party kid friendly? Set up a table for the little tots to play on. Fun stuff to do for them can be coloring, playing with blocks, or any kind of kid friendly toys. What kid doesn’t like Legos? So now that the kids are taken care of, set up the adults with a self-serve bar to start the celebration. You can even offer a specialty drink, made personally from you. That will impress your guests for sure. If you create a theme, make the drink a part of it. Get those creative juices flowing.


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Securus Technologies Takes Aim At GTL

In the technology industry, there are many different technology companies. While there are many technology companies, most of the technology companies compete in the same or similar markets for customers and sales.


While most companies can keep the competition in check, there are some companies that do not have good feelings towards the other. The companies for various reasons do not get along and the competition brings out a variety of issues between the companies. Two companies that have had various issues over the past few years are Securus Technologies and GTL. The two companies compete in the same technology market for customers and market share.


Securus Technologies has always felt that as a company, GTL does not provide the level of products or services that are provided by Securus Technologies. In a recent press release, Securus Technologies made a challenge to GTL regarding the products and services offered by the companies. Securus Technologies challenged GTL to a technology showdown that would have an independent judge determine which company had the best technology products and services.


Securus Technologies listed numerous reasons why the company feels that its products and services are better than GTL’s products and services. Securus Technologies feels that a technology showdown will show everyone that Securus Technologies is the better company.


I think that GTL is aware of the challenge that was made by Securus Technologies but is concerned of the results that could occur if GTL accepts the challenge.


One of the leading companies in the safety arena, Securus Technologies provides various technology related products and services to public safety, law enforcement, correction agencies and inmates.